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Solar Panel Waste:
Mother Jones 08/24/2020 | Solar Panels Are Starting to Die. What Will We Do with the Megatons of Toxic Trash?
PV Magazine 10/05/2020 | Safely Meeting Demand... (Materials Design)
ASES | Recorded Webinar: PV Recycling
RecyclersPV Cycle USA | Recycle PV Solar and Re-use ProjectsCircusol (EU)
Local, Regulatory Barriers:
Duke Energy Accountability Coalition | Environmental Justice 1/29/2021 Hearing
NC WARNPolicy Roadblocks
SELC Cases & ProjectsOvercoming the Barriers - Utility Monopolies and Utilities Taxing Solar Power
Information Bias / "Industry Front Groups":
Institute for Energy Research & American Energy Alliance | SourceWatch | The Guardian article
Anti-bias Tools:
GreenpeaceKoch-funded Climate Denial Front Groups
Climate Reality Project 09/05/2019 The Climate Denial Machine
Independent Lens (PBS video, aired 11/16/20): Jonathan Scott's Power Trip
Service Issues / Fraud Prevention:
Better Business Bureau | Accredited Solar Contractors
NABCEP | Certified Companies | Code of Ethics / File a Complaint
NC Sustainable Energy Assoc. | Business Code and Signatories
Renewable Energy Vermont | Member Directory
Government Consumer Protection Offices: NC | VT | Federal
Campaign for Accountability 2016 | CfA's Investigation of Rooftop Solar Companies (includes many consumer resources links)
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