We have tabled updating this and the following pages as we focus on building our social enterprise, Sunlit Catnip Gardens, which will raise money for funding solar studies scholarships. We are keeping them in an accessible archive, as they still provide value to students and other solar stakeholders. Please contact us if you need assistance or have suggestions for making the site more helpful.

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Local Jobs:
Sunliteracy NC Solar Jobs
LinkedIn | NC Solar Jobs2
LinkedUp | NC Solar Jobs (scraped from multiple sites; links to apply directly at each company)
LinkedIn | VT Solar Jobs
Renewable Energy Vermont  Jobs
Multi-State Job Opportunities:
Blue Raven Solar
NABCEP | Career Center
SunPro Careers
U.S. Manufacturing Jobs lists are linked on our "Assemble" page.
 Locate listings in any state by using the following URL pattern, inserting the state name, using a hyphen between words:


Solar Installers

Use these lists to locate a potential installer, employer, or to learn more about a project. We do not know how often these resources update their data. We have built data tables and a local map with links that we update at least monthly.

Local Companies: 
Sunliteracy | NC Map (most up-to-date and includes links) 
SEIA | NC Map   
SEIA | VT Map 
U.S. Companies & Projects:
SEIA | U.S. Map (click the state then the "Keep Reading" link)1
EnergySage | Research Solar | About EnergySage | About SunShot
NABCEP Certified Professionals | NC | VT
NABCEP | Certified Companies | Code of Ethics/File a Complaint
NC Sustainable Energy Assoc. | Business Code and Signatories
Renewable Energy Vermont | Member Directory
EnergySage | Search
Solar Reviews | NC | VT
Angie's List | Solar Installation
Yelp | Solar Companies Near Me

Or, use the following URL pattern, inserting your state, using a hyphen between words: